At Ascape we are devoted to make architectural projects come true. We believe that architecture is a powerful tool to make change happen. Change is an opportunity for us to make the world a little bit better for everyone. We are committed to creating value for our customers as well as for the society at large. This is a win-win situation. We are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian tradition of democratic human centered design, emphasizing the play of light and fondness of true materials. Finding the right relationship between the building and its surrounding is the key to a successful project.

We develop projects in close dialogue with our customers, whether you are a developer or a private client. We see design as an ongoing process that needs input from all stakeholders for the project to reach its full potential. In project development, design and construction are equal parts. We make sure our designs can be realized in the hands of a contractor. When designing buildings we make them work in every conceivable way, whether it is socially, environmentally or economically.

As architects we have powerful tools to help clients and developers make the right choices. Evaluating and comparing different ideas is central to the design process. Our tools also give us the possibility to create and initiate our own projects on sites that developers usually find too demanding.

Matts loves the big picture in everything from the history of a location and materials used to the business model of the developer. He has a huge experience in working on large-scale projects specializing on the early stages and establishing the foundation of the project.

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Ludvig is passionate about the details in both physical and virtual reality. The importance of technological insight combined with an aesthetic sense is always essential in Ludvig’s work. Leading the way in technological development, he is Ascape’s BIM guru and certified quality manager.

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David is a hands-on problem solver and creative genius. Every solution is scrutinized in detail in search of better and more efficient and beautiful forms and functions. David is a brilliant communicator who will always find the best solution for everyone, end user and developer as well as contractor.

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