• Type: Äldreboende. 90 lägenheter
  • Location: Täby
  • Client: Noccon
  • Tennant: Humana
  • Status: Under uppförande

Villa Öresund

Mixed Use

  • Type: Mixed Use
  • Location: Helsingborg
  • Client: KIAB / SVF
  • Status: Under construction

Åby Ängar

  • Type: Äldreboende. 60 lägenheter
  • Location: Vallentuna
  • Client: Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB
  • Tennant: Humana
  • Status: Under uppförande

Kv. Jupiter Norrtälje

An anonymous parking space transformed into a mixed use development in central Norrtälje containing a retirement home, public and commercial facilities and an indoor car park.

  • Type: Mixed use
  • Location: Norrtälje
  • Client: Arwidsro
  • Status: Proposal

Steningehöjden LSS

  • Type: Group Accomodation
  • Location: Sigtuna
  • Client: Vectus
  • Status: Under construction


Driving the redevelopment of the Löten area in central Uppsala Alerishuset aims to offer accessible health care services to its citizens.

  • Type: Mixed use, health care and commercial
  • Location: Uppsala
  • Client: KIAB
  • Status: Ongoing project

Kungsholms strand

Proposal for new urban development on Kungsholmen exploring how to design new housing while maintaining the function of the underused area for boat winter storage.

  • Type: Urban development
  • Location: Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • Client: Humana AB
  • Status: Proposal

Villa von Euler

Artists retreat outside of Stockholm located in the archipelago and designed to be a sustainable and self-sufficient haven for free creative spirits.

  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Nynäshamn
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Construction, Spring 2018

Villa Havsglimt

Exploring the possibilities of wooden prefab modules in a residential care home designed to be sensitive to every person’s different wants and needs.

  • Type: Residential care home
  • Location: Laholm
  • Client: KIAB
  • Status: Construction, spring 2018

Villa Ornby

Extension of a private residence with a new kitchen centrally located to accommodate the client’s interest in cooking and communal dinners.

  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Lidingö
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Built

Pool E

Infinity pool with integrated landscaping and a wonderful view overlooking the Stockholm inlet.

  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Client: Private
  • Status: Built